Sunday, June 29, 2008

Super Sunday!

What a great day! We drove all the way to PA today for a fun filled swim day of family. Aunt J and Uncle R, Cousin J and D, Bubbie, Zaddie, Aunt M from Israel, Grammy and Grandpa, Unc and Lolo, "special Grandma T"-- of course Jesse and Keppi the dogs -- all met for a wonderful, relaxed day by the pool.

4 generations -- much love and more - ration of 2.75 adults per child -- much more then we have on any normal day! But to hear Bubbie, my grandma say it was the best day of her life -- was awesome! Zaddie even got his feet into the pool -- grandma was quite sad, watching all the help he needed to do it, I was too -- this strong, brilliant man, dentist, husband, care taker, father to three, grandpa to 9, now great grandpa to 8 has withered... but no matter how we have felt about what has come out of his mouth in the past, we all love him and are there to support both he and they have always done for us. I'm so fortunate to have my kids know my grandparents...and love to spend time with them, just like I did...just like they do with my parents...we are all truly blessed.

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