Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Self awareness...

We have been working with Belle on self awareness, knowing where her body is in relation to others, talking to others, tone of voice etc.

Today after her appointments at the drs she didn't want to go to camp. She told J that she was not nice to the children in her group, so she didn't want to go to camp because she didn't want to be mean to the other children.....

That is self she can't control it, yet; but she is aware. I'm proud of her for that. We moved her, thanks to the wonderful directors of the camp, to the group with rising second graders that Bob is in, instead of the rising k/1 group she was in. She is physically more their size, and hopefully will be a positive change on day 3 of camp.

6 year check up -- 48.5 inches tall -- 95th percentile

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