Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 years ago today... good will rise above - most days!

6 years ago today our wonderful Belle was born. Amid being mad at J for not getting me the epidural I was asking for -- crying "you promised" -- yelling that a sexual organ of mine hurt, over and over and over again -- and the nurse telling me not to push because they couldn't fine my doctor....our bouncing baby girl, weighing a surprising 10lbs came into our world and our lives.

We planned her, we asked for her, we need her to come when she did. You see, J-h's dad had been diagnosed with brain cancer in Aug of 01, I had a miscarriage that same week -- while J was away visiting his dad -- a pregnancy I didn't know I had until it was gone, and a terrible day that rocked our world 9-11-01. We wanted something good, we needed a good thing to look forward to, and we wanted to be happy again. Bob was only 7 months old at the time, but we knew it was time. Unc may never forgive us, for where it happened - but if it didn't happen then, Grandpa G would have never met our precious Belle...

It was a tough pregnancy - not physically so much, but emotionally. J also lost his job that August, and things were quite tough -- we didn't know he would be out of work for more than 6 months. The emotions of Grandpa G being sick, and the fear of what it meant to the family was great. The organization I was working for was hit hard by 9/11 and finances there were also of grave concern (I ended up loosing my job December 02).

But Belle came that beautiful June morning -- on her due date -- our friend M and R came to take care of Bob....M was his favorite person at the time. Grammy had come in the night before and was able to be with us as well. Of course B our friend and Doula, who saved me from a section with Bob and helped us with both Bean and Puppy's too!

It was a quick labor - 6 hours and a much easier entrance into mother hood the second time around then the first.

We all were together for her naming on July 7th 2002 -- the last time both sides would be together in its entirety before Grandpa G passed away 3 months later.

We chose a special name for her -- well I did and J went along with it. Her name means "good will rise above" - I love it - it fits her, the time she was born both in the world and in our family. She was also named after my great uncle, my grandfather's brother, who despite being mentally slow, lived a full life - on his own -- rising above any challenge that faced him...that is our hope and wish for our Belle.

Today she went off to camp -- 6 years old -- ears pierced and all -- with a big smile and a can do attitude. I worry about her, constantly....but I know - she will rise above any obstacle in her path (self inflicted or otherwise:))

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