Friday, June 27, 2008

Middle Child Syndrome

Middle Child Syndrome - I believe in it. Both my parents are middle children, my sister Lolo is a middle child -- My friend BP -- I've watched it, I get of the reasons I wanted 4 children...but I guess there is alway a middle-ish child. In our house Bean is it. I realized that I have yet to bring her up...poor kid!

To describe her...she is like an only child who didn't get the memo that she was not only one of 4 -- but the 3rd to be born. Bean loves attention, craves attetion and will do anything in her power to get it...possitive or negative. She messes with people, especially Puppy, to get them to do things with her, but makest them angry.

She loves adults- and loves to please us....but will tell us something she did wrong, even if it something so low on the do not do list/ or even something that is fine to do, but she decided it wasn't -- she tilts her head to the side, chin down, lip out, puppy dog eyes looking up and an ALMOST tear -- saying "I am sorry I _________ mommy, I know you will be mad, I won't do it again, I love you"

She is also the child, when I am angry at someone else or yelled for any reason -- says "mommy I love you" in a shy quiet way.

But come time to take a picture, or stand still, or stop talking - FORGET IT!

She is a sweet, caring, BRILLIANT little girl, who gets people, loves life, loves everyone around her -- she deserves the best - my prayer for her is that she accepts it as it comes her way.

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