Monday, November 9, 2009

Planets shift alignment...

Puppy had his allergy testing today. 4 scratch spots on his back - he's allergic to nothing! What does it all mean...guess the boy can have milk...after almost 4 about realignment - we went out for milkshakes!!

He did have an off day after the testing. (OK he got his H1N1 after it too). He cried all the way to school, and all the way into school - it was very sad. Even on the way home he continued to be sad.

The older kids tried to help distract him. Belle says to him - "Puppy where do you live?" Puppy answers - "Earf!!"

Bob then says to him - "Puppy where do Grammy and Grandpa live?" Puppy answers - "Mars!!"

It all came full circle.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the fever returns...and the pain.

Did I speak to soon? At 3am Bean walked into our room...with 103.2 fever, back pain and knee pain. Is it related - is it something different?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dose 3

Friday night Bean got her third dose of methotrexate. Again she didn't have any rection...I have to say handing my daughter 12 pills brings me to is too much.

But she didn't have any reaction. Life is good.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Puppy is really cute. He cracks me up often - just a few from today.

Today he came home singing: "My Mommy lies over the ocean, my Mommy lies over the Sea, My Mommy lies over the ocean, my Mommy lies over the Sea, bring back my Mommy to me."

On the way to school I said to Puppy "Puppy, I'm so proud to be your Mom." Puppy said, "Mommy, I'm so proud to be your awesome, cool, smart and hansome puppy!" ** yes - the boy said puppy, not his name, not son, not boy...Puppy. The kid makes me smile!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking stock...

Tonight I was helping Bob with a project for school. Tomorrow he is giving a presentation to his 3rd grade class about the portion of the bible that is read in synagouge this weekend. It is the story of Abraham, the angels, the story of Lot and his wife - the birth of Isaac and the almost sacrafice of Isaac. He is giving this presentation 100% in Hebrew.

Bob has done a great job. The other night he sat and wrote the entire thing in English - then translated it into Hebrew. Reviewed it with his teacher and tonight I offered to help him re-write it as his handwriting is not the clearest.

As I began to pen the second page my first born son turned to me and said: "Mommy, I really appreciate your helping me - I love you!"

Should I say that again:
"Mommy, I really appreciate your helping me - I love you!"

We all hope that our children appreciate what we do for them...that if they don't today, maybe they will some day....but today, my son appreciated it today...AND TOLD me.

May this moment sink in and may the memory stay close to the top layer...especially the next time he says: "I hate you Mommy!!" ... But as for today, November 5th son said:
"Mommy, I really appreciate your helping me - I love you!"