Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Number 4 and "the others never...."

We find ourselves saying "the others NEVER did that!" quite often after Puppy does something unexpected, or different -- throwing us into the roll of first time parents, so to speak for each incident.

The first that comes to mind is our anniversary 2006 - Puppy bit a Nerf football -- we found part of the piece and the football, and realized that there was still a piece missing. After a trip to the END to make sure he didn't swallow a piece - they sent us to the radiologist for a barium swallow, as the ENT said with foam, ya just never know, it could be hiding somewhere...and low and behold, there on the screen during the barium swallow, was that little piece of foam being pushed down by that yucky barium - and probably pooped out at some point....that was a big "the others NEVER did that!"

Tonight - Puppy climbed out of his crib, TWICE!! I know, I know - He is 2.5 -- and Lolo did that at 14 months -- but "the others NEVER did that!" The second time he hurt his little toe -- "da pinkie mommy, da little one - kiss it please" -- ok Puppy but we don't climb out of our criby - cause you can get hurt -- "I know mommy! da pinkie got hurt!"

My sweet little boy -- here's to no more, the others never...

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