Monday, June 30, 2008


Can't take that word anymore - It annoys me when Bob says it, when Bean says it -- even when Puppy says it -- but when Belle brings on an entirely new meaning...

The repeated nonononononononononononononononononononononono -- there are no other words...none, just no in a different pitch, a different cry, a different scream...but it continues...and cries, and I type -- J is dealing with the screams... and trying to calm her, there is no talking - there is no reason...just the repeated no.

What caused it this time? Who knows....she came out of her shower -- that she did greatly on her own, she was really cute coming out of the shower -- I gave her her towel, and reminded her to be careful coming out, and not to slip...for a second she gave me a VERY weird blank, almost catatonic look...I laughed...and so did she, she snapped into a big smile. I asked her to dry off before she got she left the bathroom, and I would come cuddle once she was in PJ's.

(8:49 -- the screaming has ended -- only 31 minutes this encounter)

A few minutes later she jumped into our bed - getting bet between our duvet and the cover -- something that drives us nuts, as it rips the cover.... she said she was cold and need to warm up. I asked her to come out of the cover, get her pj's on, and I would help warm her up under her covers.

That is when the no's began...(this time)

I helped her into her bed, put on her pj's and tucked her in -- then it continued, the one word chorus, the unending screaches and screams... she undressed and followed me around, screaming she was cold and NO!

J took her into her bed -- and somehow got her calm...he said re-direction...asking her what she wanted for lunch tomorrow - snapped her out of it, this time. And then she asked for her winter PJ's -- it is 87 degrees...and she wants winter fleece pj's - fine, we have air conditioning, and it is getting cooler -- but what prevented her from just saying "mommy, I'm cold, can I have my winter PJ's?" Maybe someday we will know -- I'm just thankful J was able to help her out of it this time...he is really good at it, he always has been...patience I need to learn.

Sensory issues, sure -- can they be the cause of all these outbursts and meltdowns? We are on the quest to help her....

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