Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 1 - Israel 2010 - 8-19-2010

The kids slept in today - dispite going to sleep 7:30pm local time, we woke them up at 11am!!

We unpacked, let them watch some cartoons in hebrew - and set off to the beach to meet the S's at about 3pm!

And we finaly made it. Here are the kids, looking towards exciting to see our children here!

and a little while later...into the Mediteranian!!
The S's are a family of 7! D and J grew up together in Vancouver. D & O made aliya 3 years ago with four beautiful daughters - and had another one a year after arriving! R is almost 12, A is a 8 (few weeks younger than Belle), S is 5, M is 3 and baby L is 2. How fantastic it was to see our four kids meld with their 5:) D and J go back to being 15 year old boys and thank god I have O to help be an adult.

After the beach we went out to dinner together - what a sight...4 adults and 9 children. But dinner was heaven! "Salatim, chips, schnitzelim, lafa, pita, chumus, kababs" Really - Bob said it was the best meal ever...and my picky eater Bean ate up a storm!

After we walked around the mall in Raanana - and back to the apartment for bed.

What a great first day, can't wait till tomorrow!!

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