Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 9 - Israel 2010 - 8-27-2010

We promised the kids a lazier day. - And boy did they get it!!

J and Bean went out shopping for Shabbat in the morning. The other kids veged in front of the Disney Channel. We have been allowing them to only watch tv in Hebrew. Well...Phineas and Pherb and some other favorites are in Hebrew. It is fantastic!!

FINALLY, at 2pm we left for the Hertzelyia Beach. Having been to Tel-Aviv and Netanya already - we needed to check out a third.

It was heavy surf - but a great sandbar!
We had to stay to a certain area as the surf was really rough. But there was a sandbar - which made it pretty cool.

Belle did great at jumping the waves!
As soon as the wave passed - it was below her waist!

Puppy was just happy to be in the water
Bob wasn't really happy about not being allowed out farther. He kept pushing the limits and saying it wasn't fun. He looked like he was having fun to me!!
Bob went farther out!
J even showed Bob how to jump into the water to ride the wave. And then J lost his prescription sunglasses in the Mediterranean Sea!

J is gone...and so are his sunglasses!
They spent the next long while looking for his glasses!
He even found a pair!! .....They just weren't his (he thought they were at first!)!

Thank god for Mom!! She spent time with the kids in the sand...something I absolutely HATE to do.

But the kids love it!!

At the end - J said goodbye to his glasses at sea. And we went home to make Shabbat dinner!

Cousin S and her boys Ld and U joined us - with Aunt M and Mr. B and Bubby. What a great way to bring in Shabbat!

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