Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 7 - Israel 2010 - 8-25-2010

The kids asked for a "down day" today. So we obliged. We had a wonderful lazy morning. Bubby, Aunt M and Mom came to the apartment - we hung out and chatted. Filled them in on our trip so far...and introduced Bubby to the world of "buckyballs!"

After lunch the six of us and Mom headed out to Jerusalem, to show the kids the Kotel for the first time. This time to Jerusalem was like no other - so many things have changed. The roads. The "sprawl." The modern and ancient is still amazing. There are new tunnels and shopping malls where I couldn't even imagine.

Tunnel Under the Old City!
Five level underground parking AND a shopping mall above it!

Look how shinny and new it is!

It felt like we were in VEGAS!
We parked much farther than J or I thought - but the kids did well walking through the winding alleys and narrow walkways. Until we got to the spot we all had waited to see!!

The kids were almost loosing it at this time - especially Puppy. But we pulled out paper for each of them to write a note - 'peteck' to put in the wall.

And then Mom and I took Belle and Bean - and J took Bob and Puppy to touch "The Western Wall" for the first time in their lives.

Bob touching the wall to put in his note
Puppy putting in his peteck!

Bean and Bell Touching the Kotel
Momm with Belle to her right (in the hat) and Bean to her left
My peteck...and one for a freind's husband who has been ill

From there we went for dinner in the Cardo - Schwarma....again! And no one complained.

After that we spent the night at the S's - our friends with the 5 girls who live in El'Azar outside of Jerusalem. We are so greatful to be together and spend this time with one another.

Tomorrow...."Bereishit" - Genesis, at Avrams Tent!

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