Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 2 - Israel 2010 - 8-20-2010

We set the alarm to go off this morning at 8am so we could meet Cousin S and her two boys Ld and U, Aunt M and Cousin E and his son E, daughters Lr and D and stepson A at the beach! didn't work - we snoozed....and snoozed and snoozed again. At 9:45 we woke up - got everyone dressed and out by 10:20!

We made it to Cousin S to see her beautiful apartment in a newish area called Rishpon. The kids all played with Ld and U...watching them in action together was fantastic. Then it was off to Cousin E's in Netanya - Once again S's boys - and E's boys played like they knew eachother forever!

E made a picnic lunch and we walked to his apartment to the beach.

We had a fantastic time in the beach and sand. I really do hate the sand - but this soft powdery stuff wasn't so bad - especially with how well behaved the kids were. We couldn't have asked for a better time.

Bob was in the water the entire time...I don't think he came out to even eat a sandwhich - a kid after my own heart. Jumping waves and playing in the water!

Belle didn't go into the water as much as she played in the sand - it was painful for me to watch...but she loved it!

Bean did a bit of both - she was great while either J or I held her in the water...but she was also content enough to hang out on the shore in the sand - or on Aunt M's lap!

Puppy - he too loved the water. He wasn't happy with it on his face, but as soon as one of us held him past the breaking point....he didn't want to come out!

Must say I was proud of myself for holding it all together....the icky and the sticky in the 100 degree weather. If you ask Lolo or Unc they would tell you it didnt' happen....that their sister hates the beach and the sand. It is true. But I love my kids...and I can tollerate it as long as I can....and then we go...didn't hurt that Shabbat was coming and we had to leave after a few hours.

From their we made a quick stop at the supermarket - and the apartment to shower off and change before dinner with Cousin O and her girls Lr and D at Aunt M's with Mr. B!

Once again after a few minutes - the 6 children were playing like they had been old friends since birth. It is amazing that my kids have so many cousins within their age sad they don't get to see eachother.

Bob is the oldest at 9.5
Lr is the next at 8.75
Ld third at 8 (one month older than...)
Belle is fourth at 8
D is fifth at 6.5 (one week older than....)
Bean who is also 6.5
U is seventh at 5.75
Puppy is younger by a year at 4.75
Then is baby E who is 9 months old
Add A in there at do the math. that is 9 kids withing 5 years - + a beautiful baby!

My grandma is so fortunate to have all these beautiful great grandchildren....who like eachother!! How fortunate are we to have such a loving grandma to make this family renunion a reality!!

We made it back just in time for a quiet Shabbat at our apartment.

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bySarah said...

It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time!!