Friday, July 18, 2008

Professionals are held to a higher standard...

I believe this - with all my heart and sole - professionals are only human - but because they are professionals they MUST be held to a higher is the nature of the position.

A director should not send out an e-mail to their staff insinuating, implying or announcing preferential treatment of their staff over another person's during a collaborative project.

A consultant - who tauts theme selves as a professional, should not forward another person's e-mail to anyone, without permission.

A director should not withhold information from staff because it will be tough conversation - and think they will inform them when they return from a vacation even if it means the staff person would find out from an outside party.

A clergyman should not use a congregant as a pawn in a political decision.

All in one week -- I'm disappointed! Disappointment To error is human - but professionalism comes with expectations and responsibility!

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