Monday, July 7, 2008

One person's lie is another person's fiction

Belle did it again today. She got up, she got dressed, she even came down and ate breakfast so nicely. Getting ready to leave and she says she is bringing her dog - we say, no, toys are not allowed in camp or school -- party line - though we compromised to let her take him in the car on the ride.

As we pull up to drop off Cookoo and Puppy -- Belle says, "you know what mommy and abba, you were right, I shouldn't take my dog to camp, I'm glad I left him at home!"

Boy were we upset -- a straight out fabricated lie.

(Fast forward 7 hours and she left the car without permission and crossed the parking lot at the pre-school without a grownup -- almost full meltdown over dessert, but we were able to cut it off at the pass...this time.)

When talking to my friend and doula tonight - B - I recounted my day with among other issues, Belle -- and I gotta love B -- she said:

"wow! she is going to be a great writer when she is older!" A refreshing and creative ending.

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