Sunday, February 14, 2010

Make that a half dozen

Friday night we got the call that made our children number 6. No, we didn't have twins, nor did we adopt children - we borrowed two girls for two days while their mom and dad went to the hospital to give birth to their baby brother.

I love these two little girls like they are my own and the mesh between children has been tremendous.
Personal space? Who needs it?

These 6 children don't have any looks like if they ever do - it is going to be a long time from now, and the age difference will be too great to say they "grew up" together. These 6 children (ok now 7 but we have yet to meet #7) have each other. And we have seen through this past week of togetherness, that they take each other through the good the bad and the dirty!

Over the past 40 hours I have watched these beautiful children cuddle together, help each other "get something from upstairs," help each other get into pjs, play games with each other, read stories to and with each other..

Over the past 40 hours I have watched these beautiful children yell at each other, growl at each other and throw things at each other...

But most of all over the past 40 hours, I have watched these beautiful children become a closer family.

Welcome to the world Groundhog, thank you for sharing your sisters with family get together we'll make it a baker's half dozen! (Does it work that way? Don't with me I've had 6 kids for 40 hours!)

Soon we will give back the two we borrowed and they will each be one of three instead of 6.

Hopefully they know they are welcome any time, that their "family" is here if they need anything...

and they can bring their baby brother too...look there is room between Puppy and L!

Feet belonging to Puppy, L, Bean, E, Belle and Bob

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