Monday, February 8, 2010

Average Adventure with SNOW? You're Joking! Part 1

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For many weeks now we have been planning and coordinating two events. One - the graduation of our babysitter (A) from high school - B's daughter, and Two - the impeding birth of our closest friends' third child.

Let's go to number one. Our babysitter has an older sister, 4 years her senior. Four years ago we held a friday night dinner for her sister M (our first ever babysitter). A group of friends called a Chavurah brought over a pot luck dinner in M's honor- and now A's honor - to celebrate Shabbat and their respective graduations from high school! And we made a cake!

Puppy was just a few months old - and it was great for all the kids to be together to celebrate such a milestone. So we offered to do something similar for our second babysitter from that family.

But with the this weekends impending storm, alerts of 5-10, then 10-20, and eventually 28+ inches of snow, the Chavurah members were getting weary, as was the family, her extended family was having a hard time getting into town.

Not only was the dinner postponed, but so to was graduation. Very sad for poor A.

Simultaneously let's move to number two.

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