Monday, February 8, 2010

Average Adventure with SNOW? You're Joking! Part 2

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The impending birth of our closest friends' third baby. NES was due Friday. We have a mutual track record of taking care of each other's children when big events are happening. M, NES's dh was Bob's favorite person in the world when Belle was born. So M and NES came to take care of him till back up could come.

We took care of E when M had surgery, and then again when L was born.

We are two families that have moved far from our parents - we have taken on helping each other out when we need family near by.

When Puppy was born over Thanksgiving weekend, NES had all my immediate family - Mom, Dad, Unk, Lolo, Bob, Belle and Bean all over for dinner while J and I spent our first few nights with Puppy in the hospital.

Wednesday, NES and I went for queso and chips and talked about what to do. How could we get 30 inches of snow, have them plow out of their driveway, drive to us to drop of E and L and then get to the hospital in time for the impending birth of the "groundhog?"

NES decided to convince M that the best bet was to move all four of them in with us, so that if they had to go to the hospital, M and J could shovel us out and they could make it to the hospital.
But then the snow came:

Friday night the power went stayed out through Sunday night -- 4o hours, 6 kids ages 2-9, a very pregnant NES. We couldn't send the kids out to play in the beautiful powder...we would never have been able to warm them up if they cam back in!

We made it through - all children are safe and loving time together, parents are still friends, and the groundhog still has not come out to check his shadow....but, the weather men say we are getting another 10-12 inches tomorrow.

Though it is pretty - I think we are over it.

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