Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mom, Love Dona

It's day one without you Mom. I could not let go but I remember the words you said to your own mother - It's okay for you to go, we're going to be alright now because of what you taught us. So many thoughts emotions and images are passing through my mind. Memories of The Way We Were. 

This US eighteen months ago when you first gathered us to say goodbye. Clearly there were other plans for you- more family, more events, more love! I found on-line and was able to read to you. The Golden Book that you would read to me as a child that told the story of generations. 

You got to see another spring, new growth and the colors of the sky. The Next Generation of grandchildren will take over but you will always be up there in the rainbow watching over us all. 

I love you Mom.

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