Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bubbie, Love Jacob


For 92 years you filled the world with your endless kindness and light. Throughout my life have been inspired by you. You weren't just my great-grandmother - you juggled quite a few roles.

Firstly, you were the Queen. Your strong opinions were expressed with confidence and pride. If you wanted to share what you were thinking you let everyone know. If you wanted to do something then you were going to do it. I aspire to exhibit the strength and leadership that you have shown time and time again. G, our family was royalty with you on the throne.

Secondly, you were a teacher. You taught me how to play countless board games so we could spend our time together on holiday afternoons. You taught me that I should be proud of my religion and my family. You taught me that the secret to longevity is a diet consisting of mostly peanut m&ms and Coca Cola. You taught me that nothing is more precious than family. Your teachings have shaped my very identity and your loving words and selfless actions have shaped the individual I am today.

Most importantly, you were family. Together we created countless memories, from having early morning breakfasts with me on holidays to mercilessly annihilating me in Rummikub - from your beautiful renditions of Passover tunes to your 90th birthday cruise.

Your family was much bigger than your 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. You had a special gift for making people feel loved and accepted, and in that way you extended your family. Everyone who met you was drawn in by your warmth and humor.

Even in your later years in assisted living you were able to bring joy to so many. You quickly became the most popular resident in the place. Your energy was so magnetic that your aides would come to visit you on their free time. The boundless joy experienced by all in your presence was matched only by your capacity to love. You touched the hearts of so many people in so many ways. Your legacy lives on in our memories like an eternal flame.

Today I buried you Bubbie, but I will never forget you until the day I am buried myself.

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