Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Welcome the newest member of the family!

Back in December J and I spent a week without children! It was a great week. J and I had to work, and the kids had break. Lolo and Unc drove down on a Thursday night, stayed with us through Sat night when they drove the kids in our van up to my parents' home. The four of them juggled the four kids for the week.

The next weekend J and I went away to a bed and breakfast for New Years and met the kids and my parents back at our house on Sunday. It was the longest time we have been without our children in the almost 11 years at that time we had been parents.

Sometimes when couples do this they come back pregnant...or thinking about a baby. Not us. We decided we were going to adopt a dog!

I had said for years, "we aren't responsible enough for a dog." And at the time, we weren't! Our kids were young and we traveled often. But as te kids gave gotten older and we watched how they loved and were so good with J's parents' dog, Oliver. And then we heard about how great the kids were with Lolo's new puppy, Oliver....and my mind was set.

I set out in search for a rescue. A doodle of some sort, golden or lab. We researched breed, temperament, need for exercise, and mixes. Our preference was a goldendoodle f1b- 3 parts poodle, 1 part golden retriever.

While the family watched Cesar Millan ad nauseum, and J and I read books....(well J read and I skimmed), I filled out applications and forms and referrals. 

But each time we were next on the list, our names were passed over. We have 4 children, between 6 and 11. We didn't make a good forever family on paper. But we had made our decision, and worse yet, we had told our 4 children!

So I started researching breeders. Making sure we found one that wasn't a puppy mill or a backyard who didn't cross more breeds than the two we wanted. One who did genetic testing on the parents and line for breed known issues. One who did temperament testing on the pups to match them with their homes.
And we found a breeder! And she helped match us with the perfect pup for us!!!

Meet Cooper (We have started taking pictures like he another child!):

Cooper right before he came to us

Cooper is HOME!

Cooper is home!
Cooper's first bath!

Cooper is getting bigger and VERY cuddly
Cooper and his kissing cousin!

Cooper and his favorite toy!
Here are his parents: 

Cooper's Dad - Pepper

Cooper's Mom - Fergie

Here is his litter:

Cooper's Litter
Cooper on Left (Gunner on right)

Cooper on Left (Gunner on right)

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