Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It has been a while...18 months!

It has been 18 months since I last put my fingers on this keyboard. Much has happened - much has stayed the same.

When we returned from our trip to Israel the transition wasn't so easy. I was worried if I put it down on paper it was going to be real. Well, clearly it was all real, so it didn't matter if I wrote or not. And then time happened.

What I will say is:

I am so fortunate to have an amazing husband and life partner...father of my children. Don't get me wrong - he can for sure be a boy at times - but after 12.5 years of marriage - I know and appreciate all I have in my best friend.

Bob is in 5th grade and doing beautifully academically and socially. His anxiety is still high -but he is really great. He can be the best big brother, friend and son anyone could wish for...but when he is anxious or frustrated - the three siblings had best watch out - especially Belle.

Belle is in 4th grade and I can't even begin to express how amazing she is. She is helpful, cooperative, doing AMAZINGLY well academically and SOCIALLY. Who.would.have.thought? No - not me! Are there times we want to rip our hair out or light a proverbial fire under her tush - for sure, but what a long way we have come.

Bean is in 2nd grade and she amazing...amazingly perfect and school and amazingly difficult at home. She too can be helpful and cooperative - but the sassy-ness comes in and sometimes I don't know which child I am going to get. You know what they say about the little girl with a curl? That is Bean.

Puppy is in kindergarten - he too is doing amazingly academically - the teachers are thrilled with his reading ability, math and analytical thinking. Socially one on one - fantastic! Bring in an unexpected transition, a class with noise or chaos...someone in his physical space or messing with his things...or a perceived threat - all rational stuff goes out the window, along with his behavior. Knowing how we have made it through to a much better place with Belle, gives me the strength that there will be a light at a break in the tunnel ahead.

I think I am not going to recap the past 18 months, I think I will move forward. At some point we can talk family weddings, engagements, pregnancies (NOT MINE) and the addition of a puppy into our home!

But for now....Happy April 18, 2012. I hope to be able to take the time for myself to write again.