Tuesday, January 26, 2010

People who get it.

Bob woke up this morning, and not unlike him he complained of a headache and being dizzy. We sent him back to brush his teeth, get dressed, and make his bed..unlike most days he listened! Something was wrong. Few minutes later I found him on top of his made bed, fully clothed back asleep. After a temp reading of 102.4 it was confirmed.

We went off to the Dr. to get him checked out. After a quick look over and a swab Dr. G walked into the room and said with a wink and a smile: "We have a firm diagnosis! It's strep." It was music to my ears.

Dr. G got it. Just one short year ago a fever, a fever of unknown origin wreaked havoc on our family and (according to the nurses and office staff) our two loving pediatricians!

Don't get me wrong, I hate when any of my children are sick or not feeling well. But a firm diagnosis, a diagnosis that a course of antibiotic, blee eyen harrah, will be have him 100%, is a fantastic feeling.

Seeing Dr. G smile and acknowledge the beauty of a "simple" firm diagnosis and wonders of antibiotics in a caring and not belittling way...reconfirms my love for this practice.

Feel better Bob...and thanks Dr. G.

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