Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppy's Reaction

Puppy had a 1/2 day at school during the field trip. So he went home with his best bud E. E's mom called me and said that Puppy told her he couldn't have milk - that he was allergic to it. I told her we don't give him milk - but things with milk in it are fine.

30 minutes later I got a call saying Puppy is insisting that he can have chocolate milk. I was at work - I explained to her that he didn't understand chocolate soy milk vs. regular soy milk - though he did understand milk vs. soy. But it has been so long that he has been having dairy...not to worry. Go ahead - let him have it.

Hours later Puppy's face was swollen, hot, almost like it was on fire - his ears too. I took his temprature to make sure he didn't have a fever. He didn't - his body was cool.

Boy did I feel aweful. He has an appointment with the allergest, for the first time on November 9th.

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