Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Change needs to be realized!

Time has passed and lots has happened. But I need to mark the change, MAJOR CHANGES in Belle. It is amazing I am so proud of her.

We have left the last psychiatrist and moved onto the next one. She has started a new medicine...and I'm seeing a sweet respectful girl...one that I had always hoped was behind the other mask...hoping it was a mask!

We must keep her to a schedule, and be respectful to the amount of sleep she NEEDS 0 6:30 bedtimes are a rule, not an exception. Which means, in bed at 6:15, not starting to go up at 6:30...but it is working.

She is communicating and not doing "no, no, no..." And I can count on her to not hit her siblings... MOST of the time.

Change is good - this change is good - I'm happy for HER and all of us!

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